60 years of History in the NHS in Scotland

Six decades after its birth, the founding values of the NHS remain firmly in place.

Most of us have only ever known a Scotland that has an NHS. A high quality, publicly owned service which is free to everyone at the point of delivery.

Today, our NHS provides a vast range of services and complex treatments not even conceivable 60 years ago.

Nurses on North Uist 1926. 
Credit: National Museums of Scotland

How the NHS came into being in Scotland is a story that isn't widely known. It had its own strong and distinctively Scottish roots well before 1948.

Birth of NHS in Scotland

Millions of people are alive today or leading better lives thanks to the ingenuity of Scottish doctors and scientists.

60 Years of innovation

Why does Scotland have one of the best health services in the world but some of the poorest health rankings?

Public Health Challenges

NHSScotland has been continually evolving over the last 60 years and demonstrating its ability to change and adapt to the demands placed on it.

An Evolving NHS

Everything that NHSScotland achieves is through partnership, working with staff and other service providers such as local authorities and voluntary organisations.

Delivering in Partnership