General Knowledge quiz

How much do you know about the NHS in Scotland? Test your knowledge in this multiple choice quiz. The answers to a number of these questions can be found throughout this website.

Question 1

In what year was the UK's first successful kidney transplant performed?

Question 2

How many babies on average does NHSScotland deliver each year?

Question 3

How many people across Scotland do not turn up for hospital appointments each day?

Question 4

Over the last ten years, by how much has NHSScotland's workforce grown?

Question 5

Which items were part of the compulsory uniform for nurses in 1948?

Question 6

Which of these dictators was treated in an Edinburgh hospital?

Question 7

Which celebrity has worked as a lab technician in Scotland?

Question 8

How many pints of blood does NHSScotland use every day?

Question 9

How many nurses and midwives were employed by NHSScotland in 1948?

Question 10

How many smoking-related deaths are there in Scotland each year?

Question 11

How many people in Scotland will experience mental health problems at some stage in life?

Question 12

Over the last five years the number of alcohol related deaths has risen. By how much?

Question 13

How many people currently work for NHSScotland?

Question 14

How much will NHSScotland invest over the next few years for measures to combat hospital infections?

Question 15

Which famous England footballer was treated at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh?