Andrew Johnston

A large garden shed that doubled as a bus shelter may seem an unlikely place from which to organise the care of the sick. . . .

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Dr George Addis

Dr George Addis was a medical student on the day the NHS came into being and, like many people, was unsure exactly what the future would hold. . . .

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Helen Corsie

Few people have Helen Corsie’s first-hand knowledge of the extent of the changes in the NHS. . . .

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Ann Buchanan

Oscar-nominated make-up designer Ann Buchanan unwittingly started a showbiz career at the start of the NHS. . . .

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Jack and Donald McNicol

The dental health of thousands of people in central Scotland has been in the capable hands of Jack and Donald McNicol for half a century. . . .

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Mags Higgins

For the last five years Mags Higgins has dedicated one evening a week bringing music and personal messages to eight hospitals. . . .

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Rod Moore

Rod Moore has worked in the ambulance service for almost half the lifetime of the NHS and, in that time, his job has changed out of all recognition. . . .

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Susan Campbell Duncan

At the last count, Susan Campbell Duncan reckons she has had at least 60 operations since contracting a rare form of cancer while still a baby. . . .

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Chris Levison

Health and wellbeing involves more than basic physical and psychological need. This has in part been recognised since the inception of the NHS by Chaplains being part of. . . .

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Lynn McCormack

Lynn McCormack has been a Team Leader at the Norseman Contact Centre for NHS 24 in South Queensferry for the past five years and has worked in the NHS for 30 years. . . .

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Tom Tait

The NHS in Scotland would be much poorer today if it was not for the selfless dedication of people like Tom Tait. . . .

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